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Hit Z Road Zombie Board Game Now Available

Zombies! Zombies everywhere! But you're not going to let that ruin your road trip. You've been planning it for quite a long time and you're not going to let something like the apocalypse stop you. You're California dreamin'. California, here you come. But will you survive all the way out there and be able to dip your toes in the Pacific? That's the story behind Hit Z Road, now available from Asmodee.


In the game, you're looking to make it from Chicago to California. But the ever-increasing zombie threat make your trip more difficult the further you push on. This takes the form of the Encounter cards, divided into three stages. The third stage goes on the bottom of the deck, with stage two above, and then the first stage stacked on top. On your turn, you'll play a pair of Adventure cards. You'll then work your way through the encounters. You'll gain whatever equipment they provide and then have to battle whatever sort of nasties might be below. Beat the encounter and get the VPs. Fail and part of your party gets eaten. Survive all the way to California and be the winner. If nobody makes it, count up VPs to see who at least had the highest score before their brain got munched.