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Hit and Run

Spartan Games preview upcoming releases:

From their announcement:

The corvette is among the smallest naval class vessel to be deployed on the Dystopian seas. Stripped down to the bare essentials they are small and agile allowing superior tacticians to effectively use them to speed into battle, whether it be to initiate a swift first strike or to distract enemy fire!

Federated States of America - Revere Class Corvette

The Federated States of America initially scrapped their plans for such a small fighting ship. It was decided that the resources required to produce a steam vessel with such an undersized presence amongst a fleet could be better spent elsewhere. However, after reviewing a design by a relatively unknown engineer who’s inspired patriotism had lead him and a small team to create a small, easy to produce steam vessel that did not require a dockyard to build the FSA gave the go-ahead for the corvette.

Kingdom of Britannia - Swift Class Corvette

The Britannian Corvette’s initial design was that of a short range scouting vessel. After earning its stripes in a number of sorties and rescue missions however the ship’s build profile was upgraded to accommodate a fore turret and improved armour surrounding the magazine which is positioned directly below the gun itself. Some distinct features remain however, such as the starboard searchlight and more civilian looking cabin.

Prussian Empire - Saxony Class Corvette

The Prussian Corvette was designed from the very beginning to be an effective small fighter. Additional armour was later added to the bow but other than that its profile is identical to that of the blue-prints that gave birth to it. It is a welcome sight for crews of Prussian fleet ships immersed in the heat of battle as it races alongside to support its fellow naval vessels.

Empire of the Blazing - Fujin Class Corvette

The Blazing Sun Corvette is a prototype vessel that comes with an unfortunate reputation of being unstable as a fighting ship. Additional armour and shielding were added to the bow to deflect fire away from the exposed front and mid-section which proved to have plating too thin to stand up to incoming projectiles designed for penetration. It is not unknown for these vessels to be seen exploding on the distant horizon. Their crews however remain ever loyal to their cause. The ship’s saving grace is its ease to manufacture and the shear speeds that can be achieved by the vessel once it has built up some momentum!

Covenant of Antarctica - Thales Class Corvette

The Thales was a continuation of the design presented by the Diogenes Frigate, a ship built with aesthetics more in mind that practicality. The inventors and scientists of the Covenant of Antarctica, lacking the utilitarian push of a unified military doctrine give their vessels character first and practicality second. This approach did give rise to the nature mimicking small vessels and the speed boost provided by their streamlined shape. The Thales is a prime example of this, with its weapon housed in its swept back brackets, it retains the deadly speed of its counterparts by sacrificing the versatility of its main weapon. This reduced the Thales to a niche role in fast attack and patrol, but it was a welcome addition to the waters surrounding the Antarctican continent.