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Historical Games Factory posts 2014 release schedule

Historical Games Factory lets us know what they have in store for 2014 in this latest update.


From the update:

Historical Games Factory has been present on the board game market for exactly two years now. The company's birthday is a good moment then to reveal the plans for 2014:

- Noah's Arc (working title) - a game designed rather for younger players (but not only them!) where the main goal is to save as many animals as possible from the flood. A fast-paced real-time game, with the most important mechanisms being drawing animal tiles in real time and placing them on the board (a photo of the prototype included as an attachment to this message).
Number of players: 2-4
Suggested age: 6+
Release date March/April

- Retaliation (working title) - an adventure game about the soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces, training abroad and sent to operate on the territory of German-occupied Warsaw during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Not very heavy, with numerous different ways to win.
Release date: August/September

In the second part of the year the Historical Games Factory team intends to start releasing also non-historical games, under a completely new brand. First scheduled projects include:

- a real-time dice/card fantasy game about a battle of wizards (for 2-4 players, gameplay time around 45 minutes)
- a semi-cooperational adventure game about the first contact between humans and aliens, with a dark atmosphere heavily influenced by science-fiction films and books
- a big civilization game, inspired by Through The Ages and Nations.
- one so far secret project to be launched in summer via the German crowdfunding platform Spieleschmiede. Contrary to Theomachie, released in 2013, it will be a completely international edition with at least three language versions, not only an exclusive edition for the German market.
- one so far secret project scheduled as a premiere for Essen 2014

Although the design process of all the games is really advanced now, the team has not decided yet in what order they will be released, but more information is coming soon!