Historical Games Factory – new releases for Essen 2014

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 2nd, 2014

Historical Games Factory will be making their second appearance at Essen 2014 and will have some new releases available at the show.


From them to you:

Polish publishing company Historical Games Factory is going to make their second appearance at Spiel this year with some new games. They will be available at booth 2-D118 together with the publisher’s earlier releases (W Zak?adzie, Theomachie, The Outcast Heroes and Sigismundus Augustus – last copies).

Ark of Animals – a light and quick family game in real time, based on a Biblical theme of saving animals from the flood. Three language versions in the box: Polish, English, German.

First to Fight – a historical strategy game about the struggle of the Polish Armed Forces during World War 2. The players take the roles of commanders sending soldiers to missions against the Axis. Release date: 5th September. Two language versions in the box: Polish and English.

Heroes – the first non-historical game designed by this team, released under a new brand in cooperation with Rebel.pl who is also the distributor of this dice/card game. Battles of mages and monsters in a fantasy world. Official Essen premiere. Two separate editions: Polish and English.

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  • mweaver

    OK, so one of them appears historical, at least. The others, not so much.

  • mweaver

    Thinking about it, that comment probably came across as snarkier than I intended, sorry. The games seem interesting. I was just struck by the incongruity of the company name with this particular spread of releases.

    • Soulfinger

      Well, it does cite “Heroes” as being the first non-historical game designed by this team, so assuming you can accept “Ark of Animals” as being fundamental to three major world religions and therefore a historical part of their centuries old traditions and cultures, it would be relevant, regardless of whether the flood was a literal or metaphorical event. Unless, that is, you were commenting on how the third game should have been titled,” First to Flight” and that “fighting” would be a misnomer for what the Polish army did.