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Historical Games Factory launches crowd funding campaign to fund new edition of Theomachie

Historical Games Factory has launched a crowdfunding campaign (on the German equivalent of Kickstarter) in order to fund a new edition of their Tehomachie deck-building game.

From the campaign:

Fabryka Gier Historycznych (Historical Games Factory), a young Polish publishing company that debuted last year on the international market with "Sigismundus Augustus" is preparing a new game for foreign gamers.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched at the Spieleschmiede platform for the German-language edition of the company's second game, "Teomachia". The new edition will feature new artworks and expand the gameplay for up to 4 players (with only 2 players in the original version), and lots of exclusive gadgets will be prepared for the supporters. If the project is successful, the game will be released at Essen 2013.