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Historical Board Gaming adds new German Expansion Set

Historical Board Gaming knows it can sometimes be a pain to get all the little game pieces you need in your board game boxes and offers custom-made bits to fill in the blanks. Their new Germans set is now available over on their website.

From the release:

Historical Board Gaming has been producing plastic WW2 gaming pieces for nearly two years now. Made to expand unit choices for games like Axis & Allies and Memoir '44, HBGs pieces are true to color with superior detail.

The latest set, the German Expansion Set, has people saying it's the best yet! This set is offered in black and grey and allows the German unit list to now include paratroopers, heavy artillery, and jet fighters just to name a few.

This latest set is the newest in a long line planned to expand all nations in the games. Previous sets include 2 U.S. sets, Axis Minors, Neutrals, and Early War Russians. Already in the making is a double set for Japan!