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Hind Commander promo action

Hind Commander will have some new miniature sets coming out soon. In order to make room, they're having a special on the sets they've got now.

From the update:

Although the current battlesets for Hind Commander are one of the best deals on the market and are great products full of the finest miniatures in really good price, due to logistic problems we decided to move to the different system based on smaller sets. The new sets offer also greater flexibility for the customers allowing them to build their strike groups and expand collections smoother.

The new sets should be ready soon, but in the meantime we made the special action!

Go to the Assault Publishing on-line store and type AIR CAVALRY promo code during the checkout and you will get 15% of discount on the all old battlesets, terrain and support pack for Hind Commander. This is also the great occasion to start the adventure with the game as the same code applies to Hind Commander rulebook too! This code may be used once per customer, so place your order wisely!