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Highlander Studios to produce Space 1889 range

Frank Chadwick has announced that Highlander Studios will be producing a range of 15mm miniatures for his new Space 1889 rules.

From their announcement:
I’ve just closed the deal for a new line of Space: 1889 miniatures from Highlander Studios. The line will include 15mm scale adventurers, soldiers, and resin-cast accessories, as well as an additional line of 1:1200 scale aerial vessels.

Highlander Studios is a fairly new outfit, but the lead guy on the Space: 1889 line is Rodrick Campbell. He’ll be art director, and at least at first will be doing all the sculpts. He’s done a lot of historical and fantasy stuff in the past, and I think it’s helpful to have both under your belt when tackling Space: 1889.

Rod’s 15mm historical work includes WW II Winter War for Legions East, German Falschirmjaegers for Resistance Roosters, Dark Ages and 1066 lines for Splintered Light, and Tang Chinese for Khurasan. His non-historical 15mm work includes zombies and zombie hunters for Rebel Miniatures, various fantasy figures and the Spacer Crew for Splintered Light, and both Gideon’s Dust (Post-Apocalypse) and Zap-Zap science fiction for his own Highlander Studios.

As we have samples of up-coming miniatures releases, I’ll post some of them here. We expect the first releases to come late summer or early fall.