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Highland Light Infantry preview

Pulp Figures have posted photos of painted sample of 28mm WWII Highland Light Infantry figures they are creating. From their announcement:
I've been converting some existing British infantry figs over to Highland Infantry, as much as simply because I wanted to paint some kilted troops and they might prove useful for the popular 'A Very British Civil War'. Most of my troop sets don't work to well in Europe so I thought it was time to change that a little. The sets will be released when I have the Officer pack done, though those figs are still underway. There will be a piper. I also intend to do the Vickers HMG eventually, and it will have crews suitable for the other British sets. If you are attending Cold Wars, RLBPS will have a few pre-release sets of the Highlanders available. I just sent the re-stock of to Bob Bowling today.