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Hi-Tech Miniatures releases Megatherion

Hi-tech Miniatures has released the Bio-Tech Covenant - Gearcult.

From their website:

Bio-Tech Covenant - Gearcult

MEGATHERION - "Voivod" pattern

Heavy War Walker

This is high quality resin miniature, which comes unpainted and for smooth assemble model ;basic modelling skills required

Multipart 28mm scale (scale doesn't mean size !!!) miniature

60mm round base included

1) 2x mechanical feet 2) 2x leg plates 3) 4x mechanical thighs 4) 4x connectors for thighs 5) body with pilot 6) left heavy shoulder 7) right heavy shoulder 8) 2x connectors for shoulders 9) Heavy Gatling Gun 10) Lacerator with flamer 11) 5x blades for lacerator 12) 60mm round base