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HEXplore It Fantasy Board Game Up On Kickstarter

You know, when you kill off your greatest foe and threat to peace in the land, you kinda expect that'll be it. You're done. There will be prosperity. But not so much. The Dead King has returned and he's looking to finish the plans he didn't quite complete in life. Who will stand against this new/old menace? Heroes will have to travel the land, gaining power and wondrous artifacts in order to defeat the Dead King once and for all. That's the story behind HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King, a new adventure board game that's up now on Kickstarter.

From the Kickstarter

Welcome to the HEXplore It: The Valley of the Dead King Kickstarter- our first installment for the HEXplore It game system.

HEXplore It is a hero-building adventure board game. Select your hero by combining two character options: your role and race. Your role is your profession and your race is your species. This combination drives your hero's strengths, weaknesses, and defines your special abilities. You'll use dry erase markers to keep track of your hero's strength.

Travel across the map earning power-ups by completing quests and battling opponents of multiple types. Move carefully to avoid many dangers and travel from city to city, visiting shrines and ruins along the way.

Gain power quickly, for the Dead King also moves... he destroys the cities while you frantically gather the power necessary to stop him. For each city the Dead King destroys, he gains more power.

The object of HEXplore It is to power up your heroes as quickly as possible, to eventually defeat the Dead King himself. The game is won if you confront and defeat him, bringing light back to the Valley.

Can you save the Valley from the Dead King?

The campaign has already reached its funding goal, so it's on to breaking through stretch goals for the next 21 days.