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Heropath to Relaunch on Kickstarter on the 18th

Sometimes campaigns don't go the way you want. It's nothing to be ashamed of. All of us have started something only to realize we need to start over with a better plan. After some retooling, reconfiguring, and reassessing, a relaunch can go much further than originally anticipated. That's what Unique Games is looking to do with Heropath. They are going to be relaunching their Kickstarter campaign on December 18th and hope you would check it out.

From them to you:

This December, Unique Games will present Heropath to the world. Heropath is an adventure style game for 2-6 players in which players play against each other but also against a common enemy; a big dragon!
Before the game starts, players get a starting hand of different ability and item cards. They choose to keep one, then pass their hand to the next player, and so on until all cards are divided. This allows for players to choose a playing style they like rather than being dealt random cards.

Over the course of the game, players will explore the world and discover enemies and special places that are not visible at the start of the game (fog of war). Unique about this game are the triangular place sites. These will be discovered by players along the way and will be different each game, allowing for a lot of replayability.

While exploring the world, players have lots of options to interact with each other. Peaceful trading is an option, but you can also steal items, deal damage to one another or even send somebody to Goblin Prison!

Whether you play nice or not, always keep an eye on the common enemy, the Dragon! Like the players, the Dragon will grow stronger over time, but there is always that one moment in which your chances against the Dragon will be the highest. Beat the Dragon and you will win the game!

Heropath will be on Kickstarter December 18th. You can already back a core game for $49, but there is also the option to back the two expansions; ‘With Allies’ and ‘Fire & Light’. Both expansions add an extra character to the game along with 40 new cards, new dice and the option to play with another player. The core game supports 2-4 players, so with both expansions up to 6 players can play Heropath.