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Heroic Maps Goes Down to the Water's Edge with new Maps

Heroic Maps knows that coasts can be rather dramatic places for battles. Assaults by sea or river crossings have been some of the most dramatic in history. Well, now you can bring those battles to your tabletop with their new map packs (also available as a bundle). There's Beaches, Cliffs, Small Islands, and Coastal Locations. Go get your amphibious assault on!


From the release:

Coast: Beaches:
Contents: Twelve 10x10 battlemaps showing sandy beaches, swash zones and dune scrub (also includes plain water tile).
Uses: Create coastlines and beaches, with long stretches of golden sand. Vikings, pirates, D-Day - anything can use beaches!

Coast: Cliffs:
Contents: Twelve 10x10 battlemaps showing cliffs, jagged rocks and scrubby land (also includes plain water tile)
Uses: Create coastlines and beaches, with long stretches of imposing cliffs and dangerous rocks.. Vikings, pirates, smugglers, D-Day - anything can use cliffs!

Coast: Small Islands:
Contents: 5 islands (3 10x10, and 2 10x20) battlemaps showing depicting small islands. Some islands are empty wilderness, whilst others feature ancient ruins (also includes plain water tile)
Uses: Pirates, smugglers, adventurers - everyone needs to visit a small island! Combine with other maps in the 'Coasts' range.

Coastal Locations:
Contents: 5 10x10 battlemaps depicting coastal locations for encounters (also includes plain water tile). The set includes:
Shipwreck - A ruined ship on a sandy beach, with splitered wood, barrels and chests buried in the sand
Ruined Temple - A clifftop temple to the Sea, crumbling into the water
Beacon - perched upon a cliff, the beacon is lit to warn of danger
Stone Circle - An ancient site of worship.
Sea Cave - beneath the stone circle, a small cave with two entrances.

You can download a BUNDLE that contains all 4 packs