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Heroic Journey Publishing launches Erinbour Kickstarter campaign

Heroic Journey Publishing has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Erinbour: Places of Power, their fantasy RPG world for use with Pathfinder and Bare-Bones RPG system.



From the campaign:

Erinbour: Places of Power is a high fantasy setting designed for use with the Pathfinder and Bare Bones Fantasy role-playing games. But it is not a static world. Erinbour is a living, breathing place and the choices your character makes will change the fate of the world. Designed with the core belief that the player characters are heroes (and sometimes villains) whose actions will have an impact that lasts for generations, Erinbour: Places of Power puts the destiny of the world in the hands of you, the gamer.

In addition to providing a dynamic and original, fantasy role-playing campaign setting, several adventures in written for use with Erinbour: Places of Power will offer players the opportunity to have a deep impact on the setting itself. They won't be limited to saving villages from marauding orcs, they'll be restoring kings to fallen thrones. They'll be causing political and social upheaval that will change entire nations. Indeed, they may even become legends themselves. It all depends on the players, their characters and the choices they make.