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New Zombicide Releases from CMON

While everyone's chomping at the bit to get to Black Plague, previous seasons of Zombicide are making their way to store shelves near you, as well as online. CMON has the latest batch of releases for the original version of the game up on their website. The big one for this release is the Angry Neighbors expansion pack, but that's not all. Survivors! Zombies! Dice!

Other releases for this month include some extra survivors for your game in the form of the Special Guest Artist Box done by Paolo Parente. And where there's survivors, there's zombie. More of those hit the board in the form of the Very Infected People pack #1. Speaking of boards, those of you who wish to get extras for your games can pick up the Rue Morgue tile pack. Finally, some purely decorative accessories in the form of the Plastic Token Pack and the Brown Dice pack.
They're all now available in the CMON webshop.