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Heroes Wanted: The Stuff of Legend up on Kickstarter

Action Phase Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Heroes Wanted: The Stuff of Legend, their first expansion to their popular Heroes Wanted board game. Inside, you'll get new Mythic and Supernatural heroes, as well as new game mechanics, and some new scenarios, too.
They're more than 2x funded, and then some, already and have some stretch goals already added to the campaign.
Check out the upcoming issue of Ravage Magazine US for a review of the original Heroes Wanted game.


From the campaign:

The Stuff of Legend expands the Heroes Wanted universe as Supernatural and Mythic heroes join the fray, while mechanics such as feats and curses introduce all-new tactics and the price for using them. All that along with even more Heroes, Villains, Quirks, and two new scenarios will add even more variety and complexity to your Heroes Wanted experience. Are you ready to step up and be more than just a hero? Are you ready to become The Stuff of Legend?