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Heroes of the Resistance Pack Available For X-Wing

The Force Awakens continues the Star Wars saga for a new generation. Though the Empire was defeated, the First Order is looking to retake control. As such, the Resistance is fighting tooth and claw against them. Heroes new and old are joining forces to fight. And you can represent that with the Heroes of the Resistance Pack for X-Wing, which is now available.

This set brings you a new T-70 X-wing painted in Poe Dameron's black-and-orange style. You also get a new sculpt for the Millennium Falcon, representing the changes that've gone on since we last saw her in Return. Of course, it's not just new ships, but also tons of new pilots, upgrades, weapons, and other items to enhance any fleet you put together, even if you don't use those two ships.

You can pick up your copy at your LGS now.