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Heroes of the Gap and Line of Fire 10 now shipping

Lock' n Load Publishing are now shipping two new releases. From their announcement:
We have some welcome news to share with you. Both Heroes of the Gap and Line of Fire 10 are in stock and shipping. Lock ‘n Load: Heroes of the Gap is a complete Lock ‘n Load module (you need nothing else to play), which brings the Lock ‘n Load system to the environs of Eisenbach, Germany on the first day of World War III. No, this is NOT a World at War series game, but it does take place in the universe created by World at War. This is pure, impulse-driven, tanks vs. tank, squad vs. squad, leader vs. leader, RPD vs. M60, Lock ‘n Load system gaming. Module includes a mounted 22" x 34" historical map of Eisenbach, the Eisenbach Bridge and river, Klappebruck, over 100 vehicles (three counter sheets), ten Mark Walker-designed scenarios.
In this issue of Line of Fire 10, Corps Command: Dawn’s Early Light takes center stage (and the cover) with an exciting expansion that includes a new 11”x17” map, 40 vivid new counters, featuring the US 11th Armored Division, Airmobile Troops from the 101st Airborne Division, the West German 27th Panzergrenadier Brigade, the Soviet 171st and 232nd Motor Rifle Brigades and the 23rd Guards Tank Division—a Recon Battalion and four Regiments! These counters will battle it out on the new map in two scenarios. A batrep on the DEL scenario “The High Road” is rounds out the DEL segment of the magazine.. The 60+ page, 85-die-cut counter issue is also packed with articles on Summer Lightning; Space Infantry; Warparty; and Heroes of the Gap; an interview with Zombie War designer Greg Porter; plus reviews of Compass Game's Steel Wolves, another offering from The Cardboard Curmudgeon, and die cut counters for Heroes of the Gap (some British tanks), White Star Rising (some British tanks), Island War Deluxe (some Brit…nah just kidding, it’s an American Sherman and Japanese ATG), and more counters for the SADF World at War series. Click here to get a copy before we have time to take it off the P500 price.