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Heroes of Normandie Strategic Resupply Up on Kickstarter

Sometimes a game's success can almost work against it. After a couple years, various extra material will be released here and there. There will be rules updates that are posted in various places. There's supplements released. Trying to keep up with all of it can be a hassle. Thankfully, the fellows over at Devil Pig Studios are collecting all of the various things they've released over the past couple years for Heroes of Normandie into one place and they've put it up on Kickstarter.

This book will reorganize all the rules from the four scenario packs, five gazettes, the different PDFs floating around, as well as the core rulebook, and place them all in one place. The rules will, of course, get a going-over to make sure everything is in order and clear in terms of wording. But more than that, the book will have the scenarios that've been published, as well as some that haven't been published. Gaming aids and charts will also be put into the book, making it basically a one-stop-shop for all things Heroes of Normandie.

The campaign is just shy of 2x funded, with various stretch goals already broken. It's set to run for another 15 days.