Heroes of Graxia fantasy based deck-building card game announced

Petroglyph have announced a new deck building game based on their Heroes of Graxia fantasy universe. Heroes of Graxia fantasy based deck-building card game From their announcement:
We're excited to announce Heroes of Graxia, a new deck-building card game based on the Graxia world! Pre-orders for all of our board and card games are now available at our new board game websites and store. To learn more about Heroes of Graxia, visit: http://www.heroesofgraxia.com
More about Heroes of Graxia Heroes of Graxia is a deck building game for 2-6 players that features dynamic gameplay using cards in a fantasy strategy-based environment. The game uses cards to represent forces on the gameplay table. Starting with a small deck of 12 cards, players build their empire by buying the best cards to prepare them to out-smart and out-maneuver other players to obtain trophies and prestige in the World of Graxia. The game will contain more than 240 unique cards at release, as well as miniatures. Buy for your deck the best Weapons, Armor, Spells, Armies, Henchmen, and Mercenary cards. Conqueor enemies by playing these cards on the gameplay table in a sequence of turns with other players. The fantasy world of Graxia is filled with mysteries designed for players to discover and solve. Why are there huge continents floating in the sky? Why is there such a wide variety of races living on each of these continents when travel between these lands is only accomplished through the use of Guardian created magical portals? Only selecting your favorite Guardian, exploring the world, and commanding your armies in battle, provides the answers to some of the Graxian mysteries. Heroes of Graxia is not a CCG. It is a deck building card game based on the Graxia universe and Guardians of Graxia board game published by Petroglyph.