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Heroes of Armageddon charity project

Heroes of Armageddon The team behind the Storm Wardens army building charity fund-raiser are now working on a bigger project to try to raise even more funds for charity - Heroes of Armageddon.

From their website:
In the last 4 months our world has seen some extraordinary disasters, both natural and manmade. The people in the Middle East and Africa have been battling their governments and each other for a different and hopefully better future. many, many people died and got hurt and this is still going on today: in Libya, in Ivory Coast, in Syria and in many other places as well.

And then the tsunami that hit Japan...seeing the footage of that wave gave me the chills and I have not been able to revisit it, realizing how much carnage and hardship this wave caused...

John and I thought it better to raise the stakes and create a much larger project: we're giving away FOUR 3000 point armies. We hope that you will all pitch in and let your heart speak. This is the change we all can make, instead of ignoring the news.

How does it work?
Every dollar that you support the project with gives you a chance to be one of the lucky four at the end of this drive. So 10 dollars of donations buys you 10 chances. 100 dollars means....right, you got it.

At the end of the drive, in July, we will randomly choose the winners.

Then, the armies will travel to Games Day in Chicago, where they will be displayed. After that the winners can take their army home or we send it off.

In short: the more you donate, the better your chances. More importantly, the more you donate, the more you help all of us to make the world a better place