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Heroes In A Half Shell Set Full Release Delayed Due To Shipping

Some of you might remember the shipping strike that happened a year or so ago and how that caused a ripple effect through much of gaming, as company's had their containers stuck at the docks on ships while it all got sorted out. This year, we've got something not exactly the same, but the end result is similar. The Hanjin shipping company has filed for bankruptcy. "Yeah, so what?" you might say. Well, many gaming companies used Hanjin. That includes WizKids.

Due to the issue, the full release of the Heroes in a Half Shell set for Heroclix is going to be delayed. One of the containers stuck in Hanjin limbo is carrying some of the new set. Since Hanjin ships aren't being allowed to dock (since they can't pay the fees to unload the ship), that means it might be a while before everything is fully resolved. Note: WizKids will be able to fulfill all pre-orders for the set, as not every container was being shipped by Hanjin. It's just one that's having this issue, but one container contains a lot of games. So there's going to be a shortage of the gravity feed boxes while things get sorted out.