Heroes 2010 painting contest and new products

Miniature Heroes have sent news of their Heroes 2010 painting contest and new product releases. 60mm Urban Rubble base From their announcement:
Miniature-Heroes is pleased to announce the Heroes 2010 painting competition is once again being run. This year the paint a classic is Grenadier. Any Grenadier, or now Mirliton miniature can be submitted. All I ask is you join the MH forum in order to take part. The rules are listed there along with some of the prizes.\ The contest is also kindly being sponsored by:
  • Mirliton Miniatures
  • Reaper Miniatures
  • Mannequin Miniatures
  • JoeK Miniatures
Also I am pleased to announce that we now stock the BNS miniatures range of Resin bases and plinths in our Hobby section. Any questions or comments about the competition please just contact me at the shop.