HeroClix Web of Spider-Man previews

WizKids have posted several previews form their upcoming Web of Spider-Man set for Marvel HeroClix.

From their website:

It’s almost July, and we’re approaching one of those sweet moments that only pops up a few times each year.  Instead of toiling behind the scenes developing and producing HeroClix sets, we get to trot out our new toys and share them with the world.  Today,I’m going to take you into our thought process as we explore Marvel HeroClix: Web of Spider-Man for the first time.

First, I feel compelled to mention that a HeroClix set is quite the undertaking.

Before the first figurative chisel strikes the stone, we spend weeks, sometime months developing our concepts and fire-testing them.  We think, discuss, debate, revise,and iterate a great deal, trying to arrive at the best product that we can.  When we decide on what to release and when, there are lots of potential puzzle pieces in play.