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HeroClix: Undead Set Now Available

My current playlist I'm listening to (and have been for a couple weeks now) includes songs like Misfits - Halloween, Ministry - Everyday is Halloween, and The Cramps - Naked Girl Falling Down the Stairs (because if you're gonna write a song, write a damn song!). As you can tell from at least 2 out of those 3, I'm a fan of this time of year. Some people think it's too early for that stuff. But I certainly don't. And I think WizKids would agree, since they've just released their HeroClix: Undead set.

From the announcement:

Ghosts, demons, skeletons, and zombies rise up in WizKids HeroClix: Undead! Pit your favorite heroes against a horde of werewolves or team up with Dr. Jekyll! Scare the Clix out of your opponents!

In this 24 count gravity feed, there are 19 different figures to collect. The rarity breakdown is as follows:

9 Common figures
8 Rare figures
2 Chase figures

With an impulse-friendly price point, single-figure foil packs are a great purchase for new and established players alike!