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Hero Forge Custom Miniatures Opens Webstore

Hero Forge knows how hard it can be sometimes to get an exact miniature that you want. Be it for an RPG, a hero for a miniatures game, or a custom set of minis for your friends, not everyone has the time to search through the countless figures already existing, or has the time to create what they want by modding stuff. And creating a miniature from simply an armature and putty is right out of the question. Well, to help you out, Hero Forge will happily make a customized mini for you. Just pick out your mini style and armaments and such and hit "Print."


From their website:

Funded on Kickstarter in February 2014, Hero Forge is a platform which allows user to create detailed characters in 3D with an easy-to-use character customizer, then get them 3D printed and shipped to your doorstep! Designed with the tabletop gamer in mind, Hero Forge lets you print figures in classic tabletop miniature scale (28mm-30mm), 3" scale statuettes (2x size), or 6" scale statuettes (4x size).

3D printing and shipping is done through our partners at Shapeways, one of the leading names in the commercial 3D printing industry. This means we can grow and change as the industry does, adding new 3D printed materials, new features, and new manufacturing methods as they hit the scene.

Gone are the days of rooting through poorly stocked shelves or browsing low-rez image galleries for something that vaguely resembles your hero: design your character from the ground up and see it in full 3D, and finally have a miniature that captures your vision.