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Hero Board Game Relaunches On Kickstarter

Well, it would seem that the first time around, the dragon got the better of the townsfolk. But that's ok. There's rebuilding, restructuring, reconfiguring, and relaunching. And that's just what Aether Tower has done with Hero, their cooperative board game of civilization defense. The first campaign had some things that needed to be worked out. Well, they were and it's back up.


In the game, a dragon is rampaging across the countryside. However, there's no heroes around to go after it. As such, you're gonna have to find someone to get out there. Granted, not being a hero to start out with, the person chosen is going to have to be convinced. They're also going to need to be equipped for battle. You can't just send some farmhand out there and not expect them to just be chomped. Will you be able to find the right person and properly equip them for combat? Or will the town burn? That's all up to you in this cooperative game.

The new campaign is up and running now and is set to go for another 30 days.