Heresy release Robot Drones

Heresy Miniatures have added a Robot Drone and Security Drone upgrade kit to their Pre-orders page. Both will ship on September 17th, 2010.

Robot Drone

From their website:

HSF035 D-06 Robot Drone (Basic Unit)
The D-06 class robot drone is the real workhorse of the human colonies. Although old and theoretically outdated now, the vast adaptability of the basic unit, it’s ability to be converted to almost any task thanks to the vast array of upgrades and accessories sold by it’s manufacturer Kendoshi Mechanics has meant that twenty years after it’s original release the unit is still seen performing menial tasks in all areas of life in human colonies across the planets. Typical examples include security drones, maintenance, flight deck duties and so on. Battered, beaten and scratched, it’s unheard of to see one that’s in pristine condition these days, but apart from a few minor leaks and squeaks, the D-06 continues to deliver reliable service.

Sculpted by Andy Foster. 1 figure per pack, consists of main Robot tower unit, plus one sprue of assorted panels. £3.00 each

To upgrade your D-06, please purchase the desired upgrade pack. More packs will be released as time goes on, eg manipulator arms, satellite comms systems, etc.

HSF035/SEC Security Upgrade For D-O6 Robot Drone (Basic Unit)
Pack contains one sprue with two security sensor head units for the D-06 unit, one circular, (pictured to left assembled and painted with basic unit components) one more dog-like

Sculpted by Andy Foster £1.00 each, you must purchase HSF035 to use this product as pictured