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Heresy Miniatures running Return of the Monsters Kickstarter

Heresy Miniatures is running a Kickstarter campaign for some new minis, but to also bring back some classic, older minis in new, resin bodies.



From the campaign:

I am looking to raise funds to pay for enough silicon and resin to produce my Classic large monsters that are no longer available! As the project progresses I will add more monsters to the add-ons and stretch goals!

1) All the miniatures in this Kickstarter are in "28mm scale", but NOT all are 28mm tall. The human sized ones are around that, the zombies and so forth, but many are large monsters, demons, half-ogres and so forth, and are much, much taller than a 5' 9" human, which is what the "28mm to the eye" scale is as far as I'm concerned. They are compatible with most standard figure ranges out there by other companies eg GW, Warmahordes etc. They're meant to be bigger creatures, but in the same universe as your other figures, if you follow me. Some of them can be used in 15mm as giants, or even in 54mm as big spikey evil thingies.

2) This Kickstarter is perhaps different to some of the other Kickstarters for miniatures you may have seen.

Because currently, there's only one of me!

I'm not a big company, with dozens of staff to handle making fancy videos, glorious graphics, commenting, sculpting, painting the figures to contest winning standards, packing your order and so forth, and which doesn't use Kickstarter to raise funds as much as it uses it as a slick pre-order page for things that it has the money to release anyway. I'm one man (but if I get enough funds out of this i will be able to hire some help!). So I will answer as many comments and things as often as I can, but do bear with me if I'm silent for a few hours every now and then to sleep, have dinner, etc.

3) The pictures on some of the rewards are going to be painted metal versions of the miniatures from when they were last available or mock-ups of the item e.g. Pin Badge designs...

Below are some pictures of the stuff I'll be attempting to bring back if I get enough money. Because making the master moulds and getting the first resin casts of each model takes FOREVER (and I need to get the project moving to get them), I'm using pictures of the painted (or undercoated) Metal castings of these figures. The resin versions of the figures themselves have been tweaked a little here and there as needed to make them far easier to assemble, or to bring out detail, or just to make them less of a pain to cast, but they will more or less look exactly like their metal incarnations, except better! (The Dungeon Troll has triceps now!) I will update the individual pictures with the resin versions as I get them during the campaign or in the updates afterwards.

4) I will contact you after the campaign ends regarding shipping your Rewards to your country. Expected costs for trackable express shipping should be around £8 - £15 UK, and £10 - £24 Worldwide depending on what you pledge for!