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Heresy Miniatures releases new Troopers

Heresy Miniatures releases new Trooper Miniatures to their website. These March Releases also include conversion bits for the troops to make them fit any platoon.

From their release:

Troopers Pack

Three troopers figures, without separate heads this time round - BUT this second version of the pack has the closed visors.

You can choose between a squad leader figure giving hand signals that either has spare ammo/equipment pouches on the chest or no pouches for a cleaner look.

At the time of writing, the squad leader comes with separate arms. The running trooper has a separate gun arm; the female trooper is a one piece casting.

These figures will be cast in low lead-content pewter and come supplied unpainted and unassembled. As such they are unsuitable for children under 14 years.

pack contents: 1 x Female trooper, 1 x Running Trooper Body, 1x Running Trooper rifle arm 1, 1 X Squad Leader body - either pouched or no pouches, your choise, 1 x Squad Leader Arms sprue 1

Upgrade Pack

This upgrade pack allows you to convert any two (or more if you only need 1 arm!) regular troopers into Officer models, such as veteran Sergeant Bastard, whose face was badly scarred in a battle against the Machine Intelligence or one of the nutters from the Death Squads, who eschew regular helmets in favour of a skull-shaped mask. Nobody knows why.

This upgrade pack contains a left and right Blaster hand, two heads, 1 'crabkiller' chainsaw weapon and six arms including an Exo-Gauntlet.