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Helvetia Cup, a new fantasy sports game up on Kickstarter

Helvetia Games is running a Kickstarter for their first game, Helvetia Cup, a fantasy football/soccer game they've been working on.



From the campaign:

Helvetia Cup is a simulation football (soccer) game set in a fantasy world. As a team coach, you compete in single matches, epic cups and titanic championships! Helvetia Cup pits two player (ages 6 and up) against each other. It's your job to manage tactics and strategy, account for injuries, penalties and training as you lead a team of 9 players around the gaming board (arena). Action is controlled with a roll of the dice during matches as each player is defined by their skill levels - defense, offense and endurance. Helvetia Cup comes with 70 beautifully painted figurines and can be played with Family or Geek rules!