Hell Dorado’s world-wide release

Hell Dorado coverCipher Studios has begun releasing Hell Dorado miniatures.

From their announcement:
Cipher Studios is pleased to announce that the world-wide release of Hell Dorado has begun. This miniatures skirmish game originating in France will be released in 4 different languages and distributed all over the globe. Throughout the next 18 months the entire current line of Hell Dorado models will become available to distribution. And not only will we release all of the characters and troopers that are already out, we will also bring you 6 brand new models for the game: one character for each faction.

These new Hell Dorado figs have already begun to hit the shelves. At the crest of this new wave leads the indomitable Augustinus Raimond of the Westerners. On the heels of this close combat beast will be Husaym al Dinn, a djinn, fighting for the Saracens with blood soaked blades and an in-your-face combat style.

We have been working furiously to bring you Hell Dorado. Coupled with the improbable amount of bad luck in the first month’s release, it has seemed as though we have been through Hell itself to bring you this new miniatures game. Having overcome these obstacles getting out our initial wave of releases, we are now on target for shipping the second wave to distribution. The English product has now shipped and the product with translated text will be leaving our warehouse shortly. Cipher Studios has been successful in bringing minis fans Anima Tactics in 4 different languages for 5 years now. Because of this, we will be able to implement the same plan with Hell Dorado easily.

And yes, the rulebook is almost ready for print. We have finished all writing and editing. Edited sections have been passed along to our foreign partners for translation and to our layout team, which is in its final stages as I write. You will have it in your wanting hands in no time. Once the book is at the printer, we’ll be able to give a more exact time of release.

Thank you all for believing in us and hanging in there these last couple of years while we were getting Hell Dorado back into the gaming community, on an even bigger scale than before. We look forward to bringing you these amazing models, growing the already incredible community, and expanding the rich world of Hell Dorado.