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Heldentaufe Adventure Board Game Up On Kickstarter

"Gamers who have kids" is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the gaming market. As "geek culture" becomes more mainstream and the community grows, those of you out there with kids who you would like to get into gaming become a major demographic. As such, having games that you can play with the whole family is important. One such game is up on Kickstarter now. Hildentaufe takes you on two adventures at once, both above and below the land.

In the game, players control their heroes, looking for treasure. Above ground, you can gather resources and sell them for some profit. But it's below ground that you can find the real loot. However, the underworld is full of monsters that are more than ready to protect that gold. You must locate the portals to the underworld and then risk heading down there.

The game is up on Kickstarter now and they're really close to their funding goal with still 12 days left on the clock.