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Heavy Gear is Blitzing through Stretch Goals

Dream Pod 9 is on quite a tear through stretch goals for their Heavy Gear Blitz Kickstarter. They've already made it well past 2x funded with still 25 days to go.


From the campaign:

Thank you everyone, stretch goal 6 has been unlocked. We'll be adding 2 of the Southern Iguana models to all the Core Starter Set Backer Rewards. The Southern Iguana is also now available in the Add-on Rewards at $5 each, for those who want a 3rd or 4th one to add to their Southern Force. Stretch Goal 6 also unlocked the Southern Army Set which includes (4x Jager, 4x Black Mamba, 2x Spitting Cobra, 2x Iguana) plus 1x each additional Southern miniature released via later Stretch Goals and is available for $65 as an Add-on Reward.

The stretch goals and add-on rewards images on the main page have been updated and we just updated the pledge calculator add the Southern Iguana and the Southern Army Set to the Add-Ons Available section.