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Heavy Gear Blitz! Field Manual update

Dream Pod 9 have posted an update on the status of their Heavy Gear Blitz! Field Manual. From their website:
Just a quick update on the new Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual - Core Rulebook Companion (see details below), it will finally be heading off to the printers this week. It's expected back the third week of April and will start shipping on Friday, April 22nd along with the new Heavy Gear Blitz - Two Player Starter Kit (see details below). In the mean time, we have decided to move up the April Miniatures Release to earlier in the month. The new Heavy Gear Arena Valence Two Pack (DP9-9216, $20.00), Engineering Grizzly Pack (DP9-9217, $20.00) and Engineering Cobra Pack (DP9-9218, $20.00) will start shipping on Friday, April 8th. We'll have photos of these up next weekend, they look really nice, the Engineering Grizzly and Cobra have open cockpits with small pilots and separate roll bar cage over them, plus the big Chain Saw and Claws. The Heavy Gear Arena miniatures are fully compatible with Heavy Gear Blitz and include their standard weapon loadout.