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Heavy Gear Blitz Battlefoam Bag update

Dream Pod 9 have posted an update on the Heavy Gear Blitz Bag from Battlefoam. From their website:
We have some updated information on the upcoming release of the Heavy Gear Blitz Battlefoam Bag. Last fall Dream Pod 9 and Battlefoam worked out an agreement for Battlefoam to be the official supplier of miniature foam carrying cases for our Heavy Gear Blitz game and work began on a first prototype. We gave you all a sneak peak back in November, with a preview in Gear Up Issue 3 (pages 31 and 32), and now the bag is getting into production and the release info is below. Official Street Release date is June 1st. The Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of the bag with standard foam loadout will be $105.00 USD. (Some Custom Foam tray options will be announced in the future.) Pre Orders will start on April 1st via the Battlefoam Website.