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Heads unlocked on Meridian Miniatures Kickstarter

Meridian Miniatures unlocked some of their new head sprues as add-ons and funding levels over in their Steampunk Army Kickstarter project.

From the update:

Hello everyone, due to the amount of requests, I've decided to unlock the headsprues as pledge levels and as add ons. So first up I have created some "compilation sprues".These should appeal to anyone wanting to convert their existing miniatures or add variety to the ones that they are pledging for here.Secondly I've updated the main selection of heads with the update additions. Each variety comes in multiples of 6. If you've not pledged yet and were holding out for heads then I've added 2 separate pledge levels so you can get your sprues (minimum of 3 on the head only pledges). Should any of you want more or to add them onto your existing pledge then you can increase your pledge by £3.30 per additional sprue, it is best to do so now as it will raise the total pledged and bring us all closer to our goal of getting the project funded. Know anyone that might be interested in the separate heads? send 'em on over.