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Head to North Korea with K-24 Setting Book for Contagion

Aegis Studios has a new setting expansion book for Contagion Second Edition. K-24 brings you to one of the most... unique places... yeah, we'll go with unique... by bringing Contagion to North Korea. Why North Korea? Because if you were going to build a prison for supernatural beings, wouldn't that be your first pick of an inconspicuous place? Let's face it, even if the story got leaked, "Supernatural prison found in North Korea" is something you'd expect the tabloids to run as a headline already.

The book contains a detailed history of the entire Korean peninsula, as well as the various current events taking place, all set with the Contagion Second Edition twist. There's also details about the K-24 prison, itself, including operation guides and personnel. There's five new playable races included. Of course, if you have a prison, you're going to have inmates. There's rules for over twenty-five of them, as well as rules for various supernatural plants also held at the facility. Last, but not least, there are various artifacts and gear that's been confiscated and held in storage.