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He Who Laughs Last up on Kickstarter

He Who Laughs Last is a Cthulhu Dark RPG scenario/rules set that's up on Kickstarter. Looks like they're funding, so it's stretch goals for the next 31 days.


From the campaign:

He Who Laughs Last is a horror mystery RPG scenario set in modern day Los Angeles. It can be run with 3-6 players and takes between 6-8 hours to play. It has been written for (and contains the complete rules for) the rules-light game system Cthulhu Dark, which was written by Graham Walmsley specifically to share with people like you and me. This book has everything you need to run this game, except the requisite friends, d6, and pencil and paper. It also helps if you like weirdness and horror.

Right now, I have written nearly 20,000 words for this scenario, play-tested it six times (both with friends and at conventions), and have a stunning cover and layout by Jake Coolidge. Furthermore, Jake has also provided amazing maps, both of Los Angeles (which you can see used here in the headings) and of a couple key scenario locations. Finally, I have commissioned work from the incredible Mike Dubisch, who has completed two full-page, black/white drawings, and is currently working on two more.