Hawks & Wolves Campaign Pack released for Force on Force

Hawks and Wolves coverAmbush Alley have released a new campaign book for their Force on Force rules titled Hawks and Wolves.

From their announcement:
Hawks And Wolves is a three scenario mini-campaign pack that picks up where Indian Country left off! A grass-roots movement to drive the foreign jihadists from Irkala province in (fictional) Dawala has taken off and 2nd Platoon is right in the middle of it. Will Sheik Aban live long enough to see his movement take off or will his jealous neighbors and a vicious operative from a bordering nation kill him and his militia in one stroke? 2nd Platoon has their own ideas on how things should turn out, especially after one of their squads is targeted by highly efficient IED based ambush!

Hawks And Wolves contains:
• More fictional backdrop for Dawala and the men of 2nd Platoon
• 3 linked scenarios for Force on Force – perfect for a chapter in a platoon based campaign game
• Mixed Force action
• New rules for building searches

The PDF version of Hawks and Wolves is $10 US. This is a PDF only release.