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Hawk Wargames updates about their production status and street date

Hawk Wargames hasn't had a few things go right with production, all of which were beyond their control, but are trying to get Dropzone Commander to you ASAP.

There has been an extremely high level of interest and demand for Dropzone Commander, well beyond our initial estimations. As stated in our previous newsletter, we've been suffering from production issues due to the (VERY) late delivery of additional manufacturing tooling, which finally arrived last Friday! The fact that this tooling was five weeks overdue has been a massive issue for us at such an early stage and severely disrupted our street launch. Please understand that this has been extremely difficult for us. We've worked our hearts out on Dropzone Commander and have seen its launch disrupted by factors outside our control.

With this new tooling we will double our previous production rate, and be able to get Dropzone Commander out to stores in good numbers at last.
We started shipping to our distributors last week, and hope to clear the remainder of the backlog as soon as possible. However, we will be fully honouring all existing commitments with our distributors before taking on direct trade customers.