Hawk Wargames posts up Dropzone Commander rulebook cover

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 20th, 2012

Dropzone Commander isn’t doing their daily previews anymore (we all knew it had to come to an end sometime, as much as we didn’t want to admit it), but they do have the cover art for their rulebook up to show off now.

From the preview:

Just to keep you going for a little while, thought it was about time I released the cover art for the book! Looks great in real life too – the printers have really captured that engine glow!

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  • Daniel36

    This game really looks to be the new Epic. Even if I don’t like all of the models, and unfortunately each faction so far has at least one model that really puts me off, I still think overall the models are pretty sweet, the scale is one I really like and it’s definitely something different…

    I just hope the game isn’t overly complicated. I need simplicity.

  • I will add that 10mm is a lot easier to handle and paint than 6mm. I might jump on this.

  • Daniel36

    Truedat!! And I will add to THAT to say that 10mm is also easier to paint (quicker, mostly) than 28mm.

    How did this size NOT get used more often?

  • I am hoping for good things! Especially since I preordered! All the factions look great (even the ones that are not my style). I am hoping for something special out of this game.

  • Daniel36

    I didn’t pre-order. I am not much of an internet ordering guy. I hope they will find a retailer here in Holland so I can just get it there. If anything, I already have enough crap lying around to turn into a cool 10mm industrial sector.