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Hawk Wargames Major website update and over 100 new products

Hawk Wargame has had a major website update, adding quite a bit to their available stock. Go check them out.

Today Hawk Wargames is pleased to announce the release of a brand new and complete resin 10mm modular scenery system! The range includes a wide variety of architectural styles and parts in a system designed to maximise creative potential and freedom. In total, this release encompasses over 100 new products, all now available to pre-order! (shipping from 6th December).

Upgraded versions of our Premium Large and Mega army deals are also available with a choice of Aluminium hard case or fabric carrying case. For a limited time, customers can upgrade from the standard Premium versions at no extra cost in our Xmas promotion! (Offer ends 2nd January, 2013).

Tickets are also now available for our Open Day and Dropzone Commander Tournament, which will be held on 26th January 2013 - venue: Grand Hotel, Trafalgar Square, London. More information on this event will follow next week!

Our website upgrade also includes the release of our polished acrylic flight stands and innovative Hawk Widgets as separate products.

All this is now available to view and order on our website