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Hawk Wargames Launches Dropfleet Commander Kickstarter

Hawk Wargames takes to the air with their latest Kickstarter campaign. Well, more to the air than they already were with Dropzone Commander. How did those drop ships get to the planet they're commanding, anyway? That would be the spaceships of the various faction fleets. That's where Dropfleet Commander comes in. Take control of your own armada of ships, fighting off your enemy's fleet, in order to dominate the upper atmosphere.

The 2-player starter comes with everything you and an opponent need to get playing. It comes with 14 ships and their dial-bases. The ships can be constructed with several different armaments. The set also comes with a guide to make sure you're building your figures the way you want. There's also the rulebook, of course, as well a terrain map. The set even comes with its own dice and tape measure.

The campaign just launched and is already over their funding goal. So it's on to stretch goals for the next 34 days.