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Hawgleg Publishing voting opens for Showdowns and Shootouts contest

Hawgleg Publishing has their voting open for their Showdown and Shootouts contest.

Amigo, did you know you have a face that's worth $2,000?
Ok, so maybe it's not that much.

Hawgleg Publishing is pleased to announce the almost-final stage to its Showdowns & Shootouts Adventure Writing Contest by opening voting for the Jury's Prize. In addition to deciding who will get the second-largest prize package in the contest, everyone who votes will be eligible to win a prize package worth about $60. Voting opens March 1 and will run until midnight March 31, 2012.

The S&S contest opened a few years back to find and publish at least 12 high-quality adventures for use with Gutshot. After several delays and problems, the contest concluded last year with the owners of Hawgleg Publishing declaring Tom Reed the winner for his adventure, "The Great Dry Gulch Bank Robbery!""We all loved that adventure," said Gutshot co-creator Mike Murphy. "It has everything you want in a classic game: Bank robbers, rowdy cowboys and a sheriff trying to keep the peace."

Cast Your Vote in the S&S Contest at
Vote now, but don’t vote often

Everyone who casts a vote in this contest will be eligible for a special Voter’s Prize package valued at about $60. The Voter’s Prize includes:

Whitewash City Starter CD ($15 value)
One item from the Gutshot General Store (approx. $20 value)
One copy of the collected S&S paperback book (approx. $20 value)
Gutshot miniature: ($5 value)
After the voting closes at midnight on March 31, 2012, the Hawgleg Judges will print out the eligible names and put them into a hat. A random name will be pulled and that person will be declared the winner. That person will be contacted by email and, when their information has been verified, the winner will be announced.

“When we say ‘eligible names,’ we mean just that,” said Hawgleg partner Paul Mauer. “We will check to see if there is any ballot stuffing. If we find any, those names will be pulled out and their votes not counted.”
As for contacting the winner, Mitchell said that they will provide ample time for the winner to respond.

“We’ll give it about a week, and we will try sending the good news to you via more than one email account. If you’ve got your spam filter set to a high sensitivity, you should check your junk mail folder, or just contact us to ask if you’ve won,” Mitchell said. “If you’re really worried, you could always include your cell number in the comments section on the entry form.”

Speaking of email, Hawgleg is only requiring a valid email address so the winner can be contacted. We won’t sell it or use it for any other purpose (unless you sign up for their newsletter, that is).

Visit for full rules and to read the adventures before you cast your vote.

For some behind-the-scenes chatter about why this contest took so long (and what's next for this material and Hawgleg in general), mosey on over to the Hawgleg Blog. It's updated every Tues. & Thurs.