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Havoc RPG Deck-Building Game Up On Kickstarter

I've always been a fan of asymmetrical games. It's like getting two games in one, if you kinda think about it. Since the rules can be drastically different depending on what side you play, you can get totally different gaming experiences out of it, with different strategies and goals in mind. Well, Havoc is a new RPG-style deck-building game that's up on Kickstarter now that also has asymmetrical play.

In the game, you play as to diametrically opposed forces: the Hero and the Villain. Turns are broken up into phases where, depending on what side you're playing, you may either be building up encounter decks, dungeon decks, and gathering new minions, or you might be training up new abilities and acquiring new gear and supplies in order to overcome all those nasty traps and monsters. The Villain is looking to cause as much destruction as possible. The Hero is looking to make their way through the Villain's dungeon and defeat them. Only one will come out the victor.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now with still 27 days left to go.