Haven: Titan Command card game up on Kickstarter

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Jun 12th, 2014

Haven: Titan Command is a new tactical card game from Team Idixion where you command your giant robot in combat against your opponent’s.



From the campaign:

In this sci-fi strategy card game, take command of a futuristic Titan and charge into battle to claim victory for your Faction.

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  • vitzh

    I love the theme and artwork. A Mecha LCG would be incredible but at $200 for all the starter decks? Way way way too much.

    • Hi there, thanks for showing such enthusiasm about the game! We are excited to have people looking over the site and sharing their views.

      Just to address the issue about the $200 for all four decks issue, if you would like to receive all four of the faction decks but are happy to not get the dice, poster, playmats etc. then there is also the option of pledging for four of the ‘Pilot’ rank tiers, which would get you all four physical decks alone for £60 (or around $100), which are each still eligible for all applicable stretch goal rewards.

      I hope this helps, and thanks again for expressing interest in our game!