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Havelock Battlesuit Concepts previewed from The Ion Age

The Ion Age is showing off the concept artwork for the Havelock Battlesuits they're working on.
Personally, I think they look pretty awesome.


From the preview:

We have new concept art and information about what is happening with it and the kit miniature it represents over on our blog.
The Havelock is a 15mm scale future release for The Ion Age.

Also our current free in all orders monthly miniature will vanish on the 1st of November to be replaced with another.

“We call them the 'Tall and Strong' you know, after the Old Earth Legend. The Havelock's are a real life saver on the battlefield. Out in the open the Desteria Knights can cut us up real bad and it takes a lot to stop them. But with a Battlesuit at your back the job's a lot easier. It's like taking the artillery with you. Anda Missile Pods, Valerin Laser Cannon, Angis AP Cannon and more. Just point those Knights out and let the Tall and Strong do the work. So, yeah, I adore them. Being in the Muster is all the better for having the Havelock.”
Emeritas Jeff Kildare, 703rd Regiment Prydian Army, 4322IC

Lovely eh!