Hasslefree Salute pre-orders page posted

Hasslefree Miniatures have posted their Salute 2010 pre-orders page.

From their website:

Okay, all of the Salute pre-orders are up. Some of the entries don’t have pics. Don’t worry about it I am working on those missing ones and they should be completed by tomorrow morning. If you have seen the pics of them on the FOD and know what they look like (or even if you haven’t seen pics but trust us that they are cool toys) you can still add these items to the cart even though they say ‘Out of Stock’.

To make it clear, if you want to pre-order anything from the site to collect at Salute (including as yet unreleased figs) just add what you want to the cart and in the ‘comments box’ just write that you want to collect and pay at Salute. Select the ‘pay by Paypal’ option which will then send your request to me without taking you to the Paypal site.