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Hasslefree pre-releases and free figure at Hammerhead

Hasslefree Miniatures will have several pre-release figures available for sale at the Hammerhead show. From their announcement:
Hi everyone, we're at Hammerhead this weekend and we've got a whole stack of pre-release and new goodies to share with you all that won't be on the webstore for quite awhile yet. We've got all the recent releases (Tomoko, Hamlet, Summer, Grant, headcrabs) along with new armatures, William, Gruff, and Morgan B. We've also got all the recent Kindred releases along with the recent Grymn releases - and for all those Grymn fanatics we'll also have the new anti-tank squad with us available as a multipack and as singles. For those people wanting something that little bit special, we've also got 5 (and only 5) Wolf and chicks for sale. We don't know when these will be on general release as we're currently building up stock levels, but we thought we'd blister up the few we have. And if all thats not enough, everybody who buys from us will get a free random figure. Can't say fairer then that can you? See you all on sunday!